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Liberty Eiffel, the free Eiffel compiler

Welcome to the Liberty Eiffel home page!

The Liberty Eiffel project is the GNU Eiffel Compiler. It is the free Eiffel compiler that originally was spawned from the legacy SmartEiffel code base. Liberty's goal is to retain its predecessor's rigour; but not its rigidity. Think of Liberty as SmartEiffel liberated from its academic constraints. More...

Eiffel Programming

Liberty Eiffel documentation is available on our Wiki. We also maintain our browsable class reference for the libraries (and tool classes) included with Liberty Eiffel.

To get started using Liberty Eiffel, browse the Getting Started page on the wiki.

A nice introduction to the Eiffel programming language can be found here.

Liberty Eiffel Community

Liberty Eiffel Releases

Liberty Eiffel's second release, code-named Bell, is out! Our next release, code-named Curtiss, is currently being worked on.

Just download this source tarball, unpack it, and call the script on Linux. You may have to adapt it on other platforms. Please send patches!

See also the precompiled packages for Debian.

Liberty Eiffel Development Process

Source Code and Issue Tracking

The code and issue tracking of the Liberty Eiffel project is hosted on GNU's Savannah. To clone the latest content of our development repository use:

git clone git://

Automated Liberty Eiffel Test Suite

ET (Eiffel Test) executes our extensive test suite automatically after each commit, see the live reports on

Liberty Eiffel Development Team

The Liberty Eiffel project is driven by an open team of active developers interested in a free Eiffel implementation.
There is no formal association for the project but in case you need to contact us via letter, write to Raphael Mack, Joh.-Seb.-Bach-Str. 3, 74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany.
To reach the project via email write to

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